The Barter Shop is a movement for the adoption of a community-focused trading approach.

It all started with the question: "What if there was a way for entrepreneurs to provide their services in exchange for the services they need in order to keep their business afloat and running smoothly?" At The Barter Shop, our mission is to be the solution to this question and empower entrepreneurs to get things done, without the need for money.


We are driving the rise of an exciting, new micro-economy that thrives on the potential and ability of the entrepreneur and small business to contribute to and better their community. Inspired by our own experiences, we created an innovative and accessible mobile app marketplace that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs, to safely, securely, and easily barter and market their services and expertise within their community.

The Barter Shop is a simple way for financially distressed small businesses and cash-strapped entrepreneurs to conduct business in the absence of cash money. We strongly believe that the real value of a service will ultimately, and always be determined by the community and allow our members to trade services freely based on their needs. We connect you to the people you need, but you are in control of the trade.


Our  marketplace  is  for  small  business  owners  and  entrepreneurs  with  services  they  can exchange for skills, expertise, or services they need in their business.

We empower small businesses going through financial hardship by allowing them to connect directly to the people they need to grow their business; no money required.

Whether you're a web designer looking for a social media manager, a mechanic looking for a seamstress, or an accountant looking for a landscaper, this is the place for you!

Your services can be offered in-person or digitally, if you have a skill that can serve your community, you can benefit from this platform.


Simply put, bartering is the exchange of a service for another service without the use of money

a way to exchange what you're good at, for what someone else is good at.

This time-old way of commerce can be a meaningful tool for small businesses in times of struggle and financial hardship; giving them the means to get work done regardless.

In a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs, we already have all the resources we need to thrive. The key to prosperous communities is to unlock and tap into those resources.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you already have an incredibly valuable resource that you can offer your community; your skills, and your time.

It's time to join the bartering economy.


The Barter Shop is a free-to-use business-to-business mobile app marketplace.

Through the means of our level classifying system, members are empowered to list, manage and barter their services freely within their tier level. By using Barter Bucks, members can barter with other business owners in higher classified tiers.

Our  platform  is  safe  and  secure.  All  businesses  and  entrepreneurs  are  vetted,  approved, verified, and classified by our team.  Members can see the ratings, reviews, and tier of other businesses before deciding to partner with them, this adds a layer of security to the platform.


New members are assigned a tier level by our team after the vetting and onboarding process and can ascend in tiers by accumulating Barter Bucks. As a Barter Shop member, you earn Barter Bucks for every successful barter transaction you complete.

There are a few other ways to promote or demote your tier level:

You can apply to have your tier level re-evaluated by submitting new documentation or credentials to our team for review.

As a member, you have unlimited access to barter with entrepreneurs on and below your tier. Using Barter Bucks to purchase a limited-time tier promotion allows you to barter with an entrepreneur at a higher tier for one transaction.

Negative ratings and reviews will demote your tier level.


To be the pioneer of a bartering micro economy that enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to survive and thrive in times of need by giving them the platform to trade services with other passionate and skilled entrepreneurs.


We aim to empower and uplift disenfranchised communities and support small businesses. Our mission is to change the conventions of economics and eliminate the need for money in small business-to-business transactions.


Our platform is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to Inclusivity, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Community and Trust.


Browsing For Barters

From the app dashboard, you can find a barter deal by searching for services by category, directly searching for the service you need, or browsing the Barter Board. You can reach out to your potential barter partner within the app through direct message.

The Barter Board

Community members can post barter offers to the Barter Board; a discussion board where verified members can tell the community what they are looking for and what they can provide in return. This is a great way to find barter partners.

Direct Messaging

You can get in touch with potential barter partners by using the in-app direct messaging function. The Barter DM is designed to have the same look and feel as Apple's iMessage app but has a neat secondary function - the ability to negotiate and finalize a barter deal. Once a deal's been made, the app automatically creates an "official" barter contract for you.

Your Barter Profile

Your profile screen will show who you are, what you do, your reviews and ratings, and how long you have been on the platform.

Reviews and Ratings

You are encouraged to rate your barter experiences. Reviewing your experience after each trade is mandatory. This allows for an organic secondary vetting process.

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